JULY 15th – 17th    AGROS

Onwards and backwards:
Colonialism and intersectionality

Faithful to its nomadic tradition, Xarkis Festival 2022 moves to Agros, a mountainous village famous for its roses, water and vibrant agrotourism in the district of Limassol, Cyprus!

Artists from all over the world will interact with the local community and present their work to the public, offering three full days of engaging workshops, live performances and concerts, film screenings, interactive games and much more!

This year, Xarkis Festival will also host nine additional artists from the EU project CONTESTED DESIRES, where challenges and taboos will be discussed in relation to our colonial legacies. Read more about the project and the artists involved here: contesteddesires.eu


6 art exhibitions
Interactive games
A Walk around the village to experience local flora and fauna
3 talks + presentations
Social innovation initiatives
A participatory, interactive program of events
An immersive experience of a local village

Community engagement, activities for people of all ages and backgrounds
Promotion of local culture + global networks
Conversations on colonialism and decolonial practices
Supporting local businesses, communities and heritage
A post-pandemic love burst

An international cultural experience with over 45 initiatives
Direct engagement with arts and the commons
9 hands-on workshops
4 performances around the village
2-day concert with 6 music acts
7 film screenings
4 spatial installations

Ticket Entry:

1-day Festival entry: €12
3-day Festival entry at the door: €30

Children under 12 come in for free.

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