Mural: Juxtaposed still life

yetiyetiyetiyeti (1)

With Yeti Yeti (CY)
FRIDAY, 15.10.21, All-day with organic breaks
SATURDAY, 16.10.21, All-day with organic breaks
SUNDAY, 17.10.21, All-day with organic breaks


Nature.Culture/Power: A History of the Nicosia Municipal Garden.

SATURDAY, 16.10.21, 10:30-12:00


Lecture on ‘Cultivating a Socio-Ecological way of thinking’

With Chris Vrettos (GR)
SATURDAY, 16.10.21, 14:00-15:15


Walk in the eco-neighbourhood

walk in agro neighborhood

with Giorgos Tzionis (CY)
SATURDAY, 16.10.21, 16:00


Lympia and beyond quiz day

With Kyriakos Kyriakou (CY)
SATURDAY, 16.10.21, 16:30


Up-cycling clothes station

With MotiBW circular design
SUNDAY, 17.10.21, 11:30-14:30


Bike-ride in the village


With Marina Kyriakou (CY)
SUNDAY, 17.10.21, 17:00


Closing ceremony: Masa potluck
with Xarkis and community members


SUNDAY, 17.10.21, 19:30

Food in many ways brings us together. This is a multi-host, cross-cultural gathering where we are each called to bring a home-cooked main dish/side dish/dessert from our original or adoptive culture. The purpose is to celebrate the end of the Festival.

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