Interactive game
The Primeval Four: In touch with the elements

With Sepideh Behrouzian (IR)
FRIDAY, 15.10.21, 15:00-17:00
SATURDAY, 16.10.21, 12:30-14:30
SUNDAY, 17.10.21, 15:00-17:00


Interactive in situ installation


With Alexandra Pambouka (CY)
FRIDAY, 15.10.21, All-day
SATURDAY, 16.10.21, All-day
SUNDAY, 17.10.21, All-day


The Urban Glenti (feast)_ the Lympia edition


With students and tutors from Architectural design (UNIC)
FRIDAY, 15.10.21, From 15:00
SATURDAY, 16.10.21, All-Day
SUNDAY, 17.10.21, All-Day


dislocated finger (sound installation)

Stella NC -ponei to mmatin mou

With Stella N. Christou (CY)
FRIDAY, 15.10.21, All-Day
SATURDAY, 16.10.21, All-Day


Interactive installation
Re-rooted futures

With Thanos Bozikis and Anastasia Melandinou (GR)
SATURDAY, 16.10.21, All-Day
SUNDAY, 17.10.21, All-Day


Sound Healing


With Louiza Vradi (GR)
SATURDAY, 16.10.21, All-Day

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