Konstantina Theofylaktou


How did your collaboration with this year’s Xarkis Festival come about? What are your expectations from your participation in the festival?

Through various publications, this festival has attracted my attention since it was held in the Troodos area in 2019, however either individually or through work I am looking for opportunities that will help me develop professionally and personally. I took the initiative to talk to Christina and sent my own proposal as a Geopark Troodos. I have participated in festivals but with other themes and this one will be a challenge and experience since our activities will be presented for the first time in Nicosia.

What was the reason for getting involved with Troodos Geopark? What excites you in your involvement with the field of geology?

What triggered me was my move to the Troodos area for a job to work on the part I studied as well as many other things I have discovered over the years. In the beginning, geology was not familiar to me, but then I discovered the deep meaning it has and the imagination required to enter its ‘phantasmagoric world’.

Who is the experiential workshop you are proposing aimed at?

The experiential workshop is mainly aimed at children but I am sure that adults will feel like children again and will be just as excited about it!