Panayiotis Mina

What brings you to Lympia this year? What are your expectations from your participation in this year’s Xarkis Festival?

My car. But seriously. Transportation is something that has been on my mind for a long time due to the fact that I moved to the countryside. I have a car that helps me save a lot of energy and effort in some aspects, sometimes I even sleep in it. It is not considered eco-sensitive but the use I make of it has helped me reduce my own footprint. This year Xarkis is close to my house so it made sense to me. I have worked with Xarkis in the past and this year is an opportunity to offer again and reconnect. I will be presenting a sound performance that I will be building during the artistic residency. I’m sure the organization and the material I will use will provide a lot of inspiration. Filming for Xarkis back in the day, it’s always been a good space to encounter new ideas and meet new people.

What are you going to present to the festival audience?

The title of my project is LYMPRYP EMBRYO. I will use the experience of the journey from my home to the festival to explore the landscape and its use. I will gather sounds and materials with which to compile a sonic and experiential proposal.

What social, environmental or economic conditions influence all of your work?

As I said before, the city for me is a workplace, the countryside is a living space; the two interact and influence my work. I moved to have both experiences.