Maria Andreou


How did your awareness of issues related to work, its timeliness and productivity come about?

By approaching these issues in part as concepts – in conjunction with their reality – and as integral areas of everyday life, it is inevitable that the problematic dynamics in relation to the agenda of capitalism and in accordance with social expectations will not be revealed. Nevertheless, the artist’s work and life enhance the exposure to such thoughts and consequently their awareness. For example, under what criteria is a work evaluated and valued, both monetarily and as a social contribution? And lastly, what is the value of the hours spent researching, the hours consumed by the various related activities (e.g. applications, funding) and so on?

What are your expectations from your participation in this year’s Xarkis Festival?

I have the same expectation with my project, to network and communicate different forms of knowledge that come from both theoretical and empirical practices, and essentially share what I have, while learning through the audience that is going to participate.

In what way do you think communities like Xarkis’ can contribute, if not to overall social reconstruction, at least to the creation of a common core of shared concerns and intentions?

I believe that each community has its own way of approaching and responding to different issues. The most important thing is to have, and offer, the time and space for groups to form and act.