Maria Pithara

Natural dyes on upcycled fabric with Maria Pithara

What is the aim of the workshop you are proposing at this year’s Xarkis Festival?

Through my workshop I want to share some basic information and practices regarding natural dyes, so that everyone, through colour, can give new life to old fabrics or clothes. The workshop will include an experiential part, i.e. dyeing with natural materials.

How did your interest in studying the process of natural dyeing come about?

My interest arose after visiting an exhibition on the history and trade of textiles in the 17th and 18th centuries. I have always loved textiles and colour, and I think at that stage of my life I was looking for a closer connection with nature.

To what extent did the choice to live in the countryside influence your involvement with nature?

We decided to live in the countryside because we wanted to be closer to nature, for ourselves and for our children. Our natural environment largely determines our daily activities and concerns, the materials we create with and so on.