Theatrical group Paravasis of Lympia


What is the purpose of the workshop you are proposing at this year’s Xarkis Festival?

The workshop that we propose aims to raise awareness of the importance of recycling among both children and adults. Through a fun yet educational process, children will learn useful information about recycling, in addition to the crafts they will create with recyclable materials. Further our aim is for the children to adopt good recycling practices and to positively influence their way of thinking.

Your amateur theatre group’s activities date back to the mid 1940s. What do you aspire to be its future direction?

Through its wide range of events and actions, the Paravasi Theatre Group addresses society as a whole and deals with a variety of social issues. Both the cultural and social work of our group aims to cultivate social awareness and acceptance. Our ambition for the future is to continue the work we do and reach out to all layers of society. Besides that, one of our most important activities is the operation of our Theatre Workshops with the participation of about 50 children aged 3 to 18 years old, which fills us with optimism for the future. These children will be the successors of our work and we are sure that their participation in our workshops has a positive effect on the development of their character.

In what ways do you believe that initiatives like Xarkis can contribute to the development of culture in the local community of Lympia and the countryside in general?

Decentralising culture by hosting festivals and events in villages and in the countryside in general can bring multiple positive benefits to the local community. Residents of these areas have access to more cultural offerings and opportunities to participate. This interaction with culture and their active participation in events helps and improves people’s lifestyle. Also, visitors to a festival have the opportunity to get to know new places and this can benefit the local community in the long term, as both the village and local businesses will become better known. Finally, the surrounding atmosphere of a festival gives vibrancy to a place, especially during the festival days when mobility increases.