Zofia Komasa

Becoming Nature: Searching for natural scenes with local society

What brings you to Lympia? In what way do you think that your performance can be integrated in a Cypriot festival like Xarkis?

Ι’ve never been to Cyprus, and everything that is new and undiscovered is very inspiring to me as an artist. The concept of my performance is to integrate local people and see surroundings differently through nature, self and art.

How did your inspirations for your project “Be the Nature” occur?

I really like working with people in the natural environment, so that was the first thing that appeared in my mind when I thought about coming to the festival as a resident plunging into deep water with new space and people.

What social, environmental or economical conditions affect your work as a whole?

What really pushed me towards nature is my belief that after being so deep into technology, the best thing for people is to return to nature, or otherwise back to the roots. The Pandemic showed people that stopping for a moment, and living in a different environment where slowness is a natural state of being, is much more pithy.