Louiza Vradi


On what occasion did you become interested in the relationship between people and water?

The relationship of people with water is an integral part of our existence. Water connects to every aspect of life and our life is directly dependent on our access to water. One of the main effects of climate change is the water crisis due to rising temperatures. Water is a commodity that has both practical and psychological effects on the euphoria of individuals. Once you spend some time near a water source, you will receive immediate peaceful stimuli. The motivations for addressing this issue include the need to protect water for our survival and the effect it has on our psyche.

To what extent do you believe that our relationship with a place is defined and determined by the form of accessible water? What is your position on what we ultimately define as our “home”?

Although our planet is flooded with water, drinking water makes up only 1% of the total amount of water resources. Access to water is a sovereign human right. Due to social inequalities, especially in disadvantaged areas and social groups, humanitarian injustices are created. In general, all states of deficiency cause an imbalance that has an effect on multiple levels, such as social, environmental, and psychological.

The question of what is our home leads to the removal of the boundaries between the microcosm and the macrocosm in which we place ourselves. Is home a place, space, or an emotion? As Mircea Eliade says: “The house is much more than a shelter. Home is our centre of gravity.”

Where did the inspiration for the work you are going to present at this year’s Xarkis Festival come from?

Water scarcity is a reality in Cyprus. The island of Cyprus suffers from chronic water shortages. It is common to see droughts and prolonged periods of reduced rainfall. The growing demand for fresh water and the reduction of clean water sources in Cyprus poses an additional burden for insufficient water supplies on the island. At the same time, the removal of individuals from nature into urban society results in their removal from the essential contact with what gives us life. The alienation from natural elements, which are the source of life, creates both practical and philosophical questions which led me to work on this project for this year’s Xarkis Festival.